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Tips for the bathroom

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It is better to avoid anti-limescale products. “Too aggressive. We would also recommend cleaning products in spray form  do not use. Those sprays can affect the interior of the tap"


Citric acid products are milder than aggressive anti-limescale products and therefore more recommended!


Vinegar or cleaning vinegar:  rather not use! If vinegar can act on a material for too long, it will also affect that material.” If you do use it despite this advice, rinse with plenty of clean water


Limescale in the  avoiding bathroom is simple !. “Dry the faucets immediately after use with a soft, dry towel. This way you prevent limescale and you don't have to buy expensive maintenance products. If you forget to dry off immediately and if you still have stains, you can polish them off with a soft cleaning product, which you rinse thoroughly.


Still suffering from limescale in, for example, the shower head? “ Consider investing in a water softener that will benefit the entire household. “Can't do that, let the calcified  shower head for a while  soak in a vinegar bath. Thoroughly rinse with clean water, dry and your shower head can take it again.”

How much does a new condensing boiler... installed?

The question we are often asked on the phone or by email is:  how much does a new condensing boiler cost?


- This is a question that unfortunately we cannot and do not want to answer before we know the house and the current
- have seen the installation, there are so many factors that we have to take into account such as;


- The house itself, windows, insulation etc.


- The sanitary comfort, for example; shower, bath, etc.


- Are changes in the house planned in the future?


- What type of radiators are they or is it underfloor heating?


- In most cases, the existing  chimney to be intubated.


- There are strict regulations that must be followed at places of chimney which in itself sometimes brings work!


- Is there a drain?


- What brand of appliance do you want, for example, are you satisfied with the old boiler or not at all,
- Do you want to spend a little more and enjoy a longer comprehensive warranty?


- The choice of the  room thermostat in itself is an important fact today!


- We look at each home and family separately and give our customers useful tips to save and protect the environment
- less to tax!


- The aim is to achieve a good balance between budget and installation.


- We can give you a target price for what it costs on average;

- The installation is placed according to the rules of the art!


- We therefore use quality products.


On September 26, 2015, a European directive will come into effect. That guideline increases the  minimum requirements for heating appliances.

An ordinary high-efficiency heating boiler will no longer meet these new minimum requirements. A condensing boiler is. You can recognize the condensing boiler on natural gas by the HR top label and those on fuel oil by the Optimaz elite label.


water softener - WATER SOFTENER

Benefits of a water softener!


When you plan to invest, it goes without saying that you want as much return as possible for your investment. This is of course no different with a water softener.


The financial benefits of a water softener


To start off well, we will first of all talk about the financial benefits that a water softener entails:


Decrease in energy costs to and  by 15%


Due to the clogging of pipes, more energy will be needed to transfer heat via heating elements such as radiators, boilers and underfloor heating. With hard water, limescale will form, which reduces the volume and prevents the spread of heat. This process evolves over the years and can reduce the efficiency of your heating system by as much as 15% over a period of  4 to  8 years.

Benefits of a water softener:  

Less soap needed

With the help of a water softener, the consumption of soap, washing powder and rinse aid will be reduced by 25-30%. There will also no longer be a need for a water softener and the salt in the dishwasher is also a thing of the past. On an annual basis, this means a saving of 30 € to 40 € for a family of 3 people.


Household appliances last much longer


The coffee machine, iron, boiler and washing machine are just a few examples of water-based household appliances. By using hard water, these appliances have to endure a lot and internal limescale quickly develops. This will ensure that the devices can no longer function optimally, resulting in new damage. By using a water softener, household appliances will last an average of 30% longer, resulting in enormous savings on the household budget.


No more need for bottled water -  Saving of 250 euros per year

Nowadays you can also buy water softeners with an internal water filter based on activated carbon. This not only stops limescale, but also impurities. Thanks to this extra water filter, your water will be even healthier and also much tastier. No more lugging bottles of water and again a big savings on your family expenses.


Impact on the environment


In addition to the financial benefits, a water softener is also good for the environment. Soap and detergents have a major impact on water pollution and require a lot of energy from water purification stations. Buying bottled water is also a thing of the past with a water softener! Finally, household appliances also last much longer, which of course has a positive influence on our waste mountain.


Water softener price (water softener) when comparing prices


It is important to compare the price of the installation on the one hand and the consumption and cost of maintenance on the other. Depending on the desired softener, the price of an installation fluctuates between 1,150.00 and 1990,00 euros. Don't get caught up in a difference of several hundred euros, because these factors will also have an influence on the price in the long term!

If you, as a customer, have annual maintenance carried out, you will enjoy  in addition to the 5-year manufacturer's warranty on all parts,  10-year comprehensive warranty (= on parts, labor and movement) (Only for household softeners).

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The benefits of a  solar water heater

loodgieter sanitair Brugge centrale verwarming Brugge regenwater pomp put zonneboiler boiler condensatieketel warmtepomp isoleren pomp premie afvoer lek

1. More efficient than PV panels 

Solar panels (also known as PV panels) generate electric power, solar collectors heat water. Solar collectors have a considerably higher efficiency than solar panels: this is because the conversion of solar energy into heat is no less than 4 times more efficient than the conversion of solar energy into electricity.


2. The ecological investment par excellence.


During its lifespan of 25 to 35 years, a solar boiler saves between 15 and 20 tons of CO2 for an average family. This corresponds to approximately 140,000 car kilometers driven.


3. A savings product that pays off!


Pinning down the payback period of a solar water heater is not that easy. Much depends on your daily  hot water consumption, the way you currently produce your hot water and the type and size of your installation. This means that the payback period varies between 4 and 10 years, with an average of 7 years. This is because the Flemish government provides strong support, so that you can immediately earn back up to half of your investment.


4. Carefree and independent!


With a solar water heater you do not suffer from grid fees. This is because a solar water heater works to a large extent independently of the electricity grid. Only the control and the circulation pump, which transports the heat from the solar collector to the boiler, require some electricity. About 10 euros per year, a piece of cake with regard to the profit to be achieved. Maintenance costs are also very limited, although an annual check-up is recommended.


5. Up to 50 to 60% of your hot water for free.


With a solar water heater you as a family can easily save 250 to 400 euros per year, depending on your hot water consumption and current heating source. But you can make your solar water heater perform even better by connecting your washing machine or dishwasher to your hot water circuit. This way you can save 50 to 60% on their electricity consumption. Good for an extra saving of an average of 35 euros per device. It is best to check first whether your devices are suitable for this application.

5 prejudices about the solar water heater:


1. Solar water heater? I already have PV panels.


Nearly 50% of energy consumption in Europe goes to heating water and heating homes. That is about two and a half times more than electricity's share of our energy demand. The two technologies complement each other nicely.


2. Our climate is not suitable for a solar installation?


Even in our drizzly country with gray winters, the sun is still sufficiently present to make a solar boiler pay off.


3. A solar water heater only works in the summer?


It is true that solar collectors will have a lower yield in winter. But that doesn't mean your installation will be out of work in the winter.

Is a solar water heater only interesting if your roof faces south?

Perhaps this applies to solar panels, but certainly not to solar collectors. You can easily attach solar collectors to a facade. So you have more options. Moreover, solar collectors are less sensitive to orientation. Although it is best to aim them south, a more westerly or easterly placement is not a problem.


5. Do I have to replace my heating system to install a solar water heater?


Oil, gas, electricity or a heat pump as a heating source for your home, then there is a very good chance that your installation will be compatible with a solar water heater.  In most cases  the solar boiler can be linked to your heating system, so that your central heating system can always help to achieve the desired water temperature.


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